James came to Miami with his desire for a championship, and overnight he became the enemy of the Cleveland fans Rajai Davis Jersey. After four years of experience, in 2014, James made his second career decision Marcus Semien Jersey, he re-put on a knight shirt, then, James's mind is only one dream, that is to bring for the Cleveland The first O'Brien Cup. In the Knights swept the Raptors series, Carrefour averaged only 12 points for the game, including two games in the last section of the cold bench, and in the Eastern Conference finals, Knight coach Tyler - Lu said that in the Eastern Conference finals To activate Le Fu, let him more touch the ball, to complete the attack. And now, Carrefour also with excellent performance return coach and team Mark McGwire Jersey, for the "love of God", he needs to continue in the game after the performance of such a performance Bobby Wahl Jersey, to share the burden of James on the shoulder, with the postseason The game will be more and more big. Eastern final second game, the Cavaliers opened the first half of the violent model to 72-31 a full lead the Celtics 41 points! Knight halftime lead 41 points, creating a playoff history halftime record. At the same time, the Cavaliers in the away half of the leading 41 points, also set the NBA history (including the regular season and the playoffs).