Easy to say, do it may not be so easy Bobby Wahl Jersey, in 2015, James led the Cavaliers Big Three to get the regular season in the eastern first throne, but in the playoffs, James team suffered injury curse, Owen has been reimbursed for injuries season, James, although enough effort, but the face of almost perfect Warriors, James had to bow his head Henderson Alvarez Jersey, witnessed each other won the championship trophy. MVP full name is Most Valuable Player, meaning the most valuable player. On the NBA in this range, the election MVP is the right to choose the team where the player - if there is the player Terry Steinbach Jersey, the team can qualitative change, from the weak shift team, or from the team into a super team, If not, the team can only go straight to the lottery or just ordinary teams. The first game LeBron - James strong performance, the Celtics no one can block James, although they resorted to the wheel defense, using eight different players to prevent James, but eventually still be off the hook. Talking about the Celtics 'strategy, Kaleximo said: "The Celtics' problem is to use only one player to defend James every time Matt Olson Jersey, and one-on-one can not prevent James, but this is their Plan, and I agree with this theory, their purpose is to one by one way to stumble James, so that the rest of the players can hold in the third line.